FCM makes incident management easier for fleet owners by providing digitally enabled claims management platforms and claims management services that expedite:

Evidence gathering - use digital platforms to receive all evidence relating to an incident including accident descriptions, digital files (photo, video & dashcam) and other documents

Decision making -  Automation of key decisions

Accident management -  Speed up accident management by having all aspects of an incident managed within a single platform

Workflow and supply chain management -  Automate workflows and aspects of your supply chain to be more efficient and reduce costs

Asset management -  better tracking of your assets

Our experienced claims management team can assist you in managing motor incidents that happen to your fleet. This allows you to focus on your core business. Our core objective is to take the stress out of incident management and provide you with optimal outcomes in every aspect of the incident management process.

About FCM

We are focused on delivering a better, easier way for motor fleets to manage claims

The team at FCM have in excess of 25 years’ experience in delivering claims management services to owners of motor fleets. Many claims management organisations operate across multiple industry segments and provide a cookie cutter approach to claims. FCM recognises different market segments require different approaches to claims management.

FCM specialises in delivering claims management solutions to motor fleet businesses including:

Car Rental fleets


Subscription fleets

Peer to peer fleet

Commercial motor fleets

Self-insured fleets

Our expertise in these markets comes from a strong understanding of industry nuances that make incident management in these markets unique. This includes a strong understanding of how to interpret the terms and conditions of commercial agreements on recovery and defence actions.

In the fleet market, time is money. Every aspect of our service is designed reduce the claims lifecycle, reduce the cost of management and reduce overall cost to your business from motor vehicle incidents.

Claims management

We can manage motor claims from first notification of loss (FNOL), through to full end-to-end claims management. These services can be included as part of a whole of life process for both Insured and self-insured fleets.

Digital Claims Technology

We can supply you with digitally enabled platforms that allow us to automate and expedite claims from evidence gathering and lodgement through to supply chain management.

Our whole of life claims management technology platform has embedded processes that enables more efficient claims management which reduces claims lifecycles and can save money.

Our technology provides you with absolute transparency in claims progress and enables you to be included in pivotal decisions.

Reporting and analytics

Our platforms place you as a key stakeholder in information and reporting flows. We give you oversight into claims progress, asset management as well as claims trends.

Our focused approach to managing motor fleet claims combined with our technology enables customers to see significant business improvement including:

Improved customer and employee experience

Increased quality of claims handling

Reduced claims life cycles

Reduced claims and operational costs

Meeting compliance requirements

FCM Services

FCM can tailor claims management services to meet your organisation’s needs. Our services range from First Notification of Loss (FNOL) through to full end-to-end claims management using world class digital claims management software.

Claims management:​

Our team are experienced claims & recoveries consultants understand how to gain the optimal outcomes for you in both settlement of at-fault losses and maximising recoveries for not-at-fault losses. We are focussed on keeping you in the loop to key decisions as a stakeholder to a incident and bringing matters to a close in a timely manner. Our core objective is to take the stress out of incident and provide you with optimal outcomes in every aspect of the incident management process.

Supply chain:

As a specialist in managing fleet claims, we understand your desire to work with suppliers who understand your unique business needs. Our ethos is to work with your preferred supply chain, rather than force the use of a particular supply chain. This methodology ensures that our services are completely independent, transparent and aligned to giving you optimal outcomes in claims.

Work flow:

By sharing our technology with you as a key stakeholder, we can enable you to have greater control and visibility over accident management, though our digital evidence gathering, claims lodgement and incident management process. This includes the ability to triage a loss from the scene of the accident and appoint the appropriate supply chain on each individual loss. These actions deliver reductions in claims life cycles and costs by cutting duplicated processes and automating key actions.

Asset management:

By sharing our technology with you as a key stakeholder you will have access to information that gives you visibility over asset management and understanding of the progress of a claim.

FCM Technology

Our claims solutions place you at the centre of the claims process, giving you transparency over all aspects of each claim. By giving you access to our platforms it enables you to have control over how you chose to manage losses and track all motor incidents that occur in your organisation. Our digital claims platforms enable information and evidence to be gathered quickly with logic that optimises work flow decisions.

• Evidence gathering and lodgement – Our platforms enable evidence to be shared via all digital mediums in real-time including smartphones and tablets

• Our claims lodgement links use dynamic question flows to ensure only information that is relevant about a type of loss is collected. This reduces the time to notify claims

• Easier, faster and more accurate information capture ensures timely decision making and accurate implementation of supply chain management

• Accurate supply of information in digital formats to supply chain management enables fast turnaround from suppliers with lower engineering costs

• Reduction or elimination of re-keying a traditional paper-based claim form into an accident management tool

• Efficient, modern and compliant customer communication tools embedded including email and SMS

• Reduction in admin and reduction in emails

• Access to a independent repair aggregator

• Accident data and image storage on a web-based platform

Key benefits of FCM:

By using our technology for Claims & asset management and reporting you can achieve the following benefits for your business:

• Real time reporting and data gathering

• Transparency over claims actions

• Digital assessing

• Lower repair cycles

• More predicable repair outcomes and costs

• Higher satisfaction for your customers and

• Reduce distraction of your staff from accidents back to their core business

• Inbuilt business continuity for the times you are short on staff or busy focussing on your core business activity


Specialist commercial fleet insurance agency with over 25 years experience insuring and providing risk management services to the rental vehicle industry.​

A leading supplier of insurance
focussed digital claims software.

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